Management Service

Many companies will try to guarantee you "Top Placement" on local search engines like Google, it is not possible to guarantee top rankings on Google. No one can guarantee top rankings except for Google's engineers. It is not in the best interest of your business to work with companies that may use practices that can eventually get your listing banned from the search engines for spamming or violating their guidelines.

[Example:Spamming the search engines with keywords loaded into your business name.] only uses best practice - ethical methods of managing your local business listings, protecting your online business identity while building credibility with local search engines and directories forlong term prime local search destination positioning.


Rank Higher. Get More Business! - We use only best practice methods for management of your local business listings on the web, protecting your online business identity while building trust and credibility with local search engines and directories. Building trust with the Big Three search engines will help improve your visibility in local business listing searches and mobile searches. The key to establish trust with search engines like Google is to make sure your business name, business address, business phone number, and website address is consistent in distribution throughout the web. We carefully manage the consistent use of your business details in both your website pages and in local sources such as local business listings, online yellow pages, review sites, and local directories. This careful management builds search engine credibility and improves the trust search engines have in your local business listing profile information. Increasing your visibility in the search engine results will take time, but it results in gaining more customers from local and mobile search.

Claim & Verify - Verifying your local business listing is known to be one of the top factors for high local search rankings, but it can also be confusing and time consuming to complete. We take the confusion out of this process and make it simple for you to complete this critical step.

Our team of local business listing specialists will schedule and perform required phone and/or postcard verifications with you as needed to secure your local business listings on major local search destinations. Verifying your listing also allows access to Google's data to learn where your customers come from and what keywords and keyphrases the customers use to find your business.

On-Going Management & Support

The local search landscape is constantly evolving and changing making it difficult for most business owners to keep up with new developments that affect their local business listings. Our clients receive protection from local business listing inaccuracies, duplicate entries, lack of control over business identity, and missing data that can make a difference in your local business listings position in local search engine result pages. Our clients can rest assured that their local business listings are continually monitored & managed, allowing us to continue to improve your listings visibility while you focus on your customers! Our on-going management will ensure that all needed additions, changes, and updates to your local business listings occur on a regular basis (Including : Special Offers, Coupons, Promotions, Seasonal Specials, etc).